Wikipedia: A Confusing Source of Info

We see a lot of mix-ups around this, so here’s a quick PSA:

There are THREE companies named Natsume.
They are ALL lumped together on Wikipedia.
But they’re not all the same company.

  1. Natsume Co Ltd (Natsume-Atari) is a company distinct and separate. They used to make solely console games; Natsume Inc localized some of them. They develop a lot of licensed titles for other companies, such as Bandai Namco.
  2. Natsume Inc USA (Natsume) is a company distinct and separate from Natsume-Atari. It is not the US branch of Natsume Co Ltd; it is independently owned and operated.
  3. Natsume Inc Japan (Natsume Japan) is owned by Natsume Inc USA. Yes, you read that right – a US company owns a Japanese branch 🙂 This is where games like Harvest Moon and Reel Fishing are made.

RT to Win! Official Rules

1. Contests open with the first “Follow us and RT this” posting, and end when each tweet notes.  Times are always indicated in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT-8) unless explicitly noted.  Late, misdirected, and ineligible entries are not accepted.

2. Winners will be contacted within 24 hours of each “RT to win” end time.  Winners must be following the @Natsume_Inc Twitter and be capable of receiving a Direct Message (DM); entrants who do not automatically, without notification, forfeit their prize and it will be re-distributed.  Digital prize winners must respond within two (2) days or the prize will be forfeit and redistributed; physical prize winners must respond within seven (7) days or the prize will be forfeit and redistributed.

3. RT to win contests are open to individuals 16 or older except where prohibited by law; the onus is on the entrant to know local regulations, but this generally excludes any region or country which requires a skill-testing question to receive a prize or other qualification (including QuĂ©bec and Puerto Rico).  Sorry, bug your lawmakers!

4. Prizes will be awarded as-is; no substitutes will be offered. No delivery estimate is guaranteed.  Prizes will be restricted to specific regions as follows:

  • For Nintendo Switch games, including eShop: USA & Canada, unless specifically noted otherwise, such as “Open to Europe and Australia/New Zealand”
  • For PSN games: Owners of a US PSN Account, unless otherwise noted, such as “Open to both North America and Europe” 
  • For Steam games: Owners of a Steam Account.
  • For physical prizes, including plushies: USA & Canada, unless otherwise noted.

5. All contest decisions are at the discretion of Natsume Inc., and are final.  Contest rules may be edited at any time at the discretion of Natsume Inc.

6. Employees of Natsume, their partners and their families, are not eligible for a prize.