Classic Titles Throwback Thursday

Special Cybernetic Attack Team On The Scene!

It’s 2029, and New York City has been destroyed. Aliens bent on the annihilation of the human race have linked up the ruins with their space station, and it seems nothing will stop their invasion!

Enter S.C.A.T.: the Special Cybernetic Attack Team! Half human and half robot, this elite unit, including playable characters Arnold and Sigourney, is the only thing standing between humanity and the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Known as Final Mission in Japan and Action in New York in PAL territories, this classic title is now part of the available now on the Nintendo Switch Online NES service! This game offers one or two player intense action you won’t want to miss!

If you’re already a subscriber of the Switch Online service, you can download the NES games app totally free right now. For more information, including pricing and game availability, see Nintendo’s site for Switch Online Services.

Classic Titles Throwback Thursday

Natsume Championship Wrestling Has Arrived!

Joining the Switch Online SNES lineup is a classic from yesteryear. Originally launching in 1994, it broke the tradition of other games in the genre by having a wide array of moves and multiple difficulty levels.

Natsume Championship Wrestling wasn’t the first wrestling game to land on the Super Nintendo, but its a consistent fan fave to this day.

Join a roster of quirky characters as you play through exhibition matches or make a run for one of the two coveted championship belts, including a tag team mode!

But don’t be a slacker! These matches won’t last forever and it’s up to you to score the win before time runs out. Are you ready to take on the competition?

NATSUME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING is available to play right now for all Switch Online subscribers. Want to learn more about Switch Online and its benefits? Click here!

Classic Titles Throwback Thursday

Legend of the River King (3DS VC)

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re travelling back in time to 2013…

Originally released in November 1999, The Legend of the River King is a unique fishing RPG that offers two fantastic gameplay modes, putting your angling and survival skills to the test!

Follow a young boy’s quest for the elusive Guardian Fish. Only with its magical powers can he save his sister from a mysterious illness. Choose a fishing spot from the quiet lakes to the raging rapids. Check the water conditions, and then select from a variety of fishing rods and tackle.
But watch out, because dangerous animals will attack you along the shores!

  • Stop at the local villages to sell your catch and restock supplies.
  • Rest at an inn before moving on to the next big bite.
  • Catch all 40 different species of fish to reveal new fishing spots!

Looking for a more relaxed experience? Try your hand at raising pet fish!

  • Keep your fishie happy by regularly checking its status
  • Clean the tank to ensure it stays healthy
  • Watch your new friend as it evolves into a different species!

Sounds like a lot of fun right? Good news: you can play Legend of the River King right now on your 3DS via the Virtual Console. Click here to learn more about the game or buy it directly from your 3DS console on the Nintendo eShop.

Throwback Thursday

How Plushies Were Born

Did you know: plushies were intended to just be a one-time bonus to celebrate the first Harvest Moon game on PlayStation 2? It’s true!

Newcomers to the series may be surprised to know, only one plushie was ever planned, for a single Harvest Moon game: Save the Homeland. The little cow sat up and had four cute little legs, with an adorable pink collar! She was so popular that we almost didn’t have enough to cover pre-orders — a lesson we took to heart with future plushies.

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland also had several notable differences from other titles in the Harvest Moon series, including being the first game on PS2, having a specific time limit, a heavy penalty for not carefully caring for animals, and no marriage.

If you haven’t jumped into this classic title, now’s the perfect time! The game is available now in both North America and PAL territories on the PSN: Click here to learn more and buy Save the Homeland

Did you play Save the Homeland? If so, let us know which of the nine endings you completed the game with on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Throwback Thursday

Yumi’s Odd Odyssey (3DS)

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re travelling back in time to 2014…

Swing from a fishing line, but watch out above and below – you never know what strange creatures might be waiting to pounce on you!

Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is a game unlike any other: using nothing but a fishing line and sheer ingenuity, this young lady (and her companions) must navigate up and down levels full of peril, defeat challenging bosses, and discover hidden exits. Oh, and did we mention her line is EXTRA springy, too?

  • Master Yumi’s fishing line to find secret items and hidden exits!
  • Use the Ranking feature to see how your high score compares against other players worldwide!
  • Fight freaky fish and other bizarre enemies, including huge bosses!
  • Before you’ll know it, you’ll be a master at exploration — and fall hook, line, and thinker in love with Yumi’s Odd Odyssey!

Sound fun? Swing into action today on your 3DS: