Wikipedia: A Confusing Source of Info

We see a lot of mix-ups around this, so here’s a quick PSA:

There are THREE companies named Natsume.
They are ALL lumped together on Wikipedia.
But they’re not all the same company.

  1. Natsume Co Ltd (Natsume-Atari) is a company distinct and separate. They used to make solely console games; Natsume Inc localized some of them. They develop a lot of licensed titles for other companies, such as Bandai Namco.
  2. Natsume Inc USA (Natsume) is a company distinct and separate from Natsume-Atari. It is not the US branch of Natsume Co Ltd; it is independently owned and operated.
  3. Natsume Inc Japan (Natsume Japan) is owned by Natsume Inc USA. Yes, you read that right – a US company owns a Japanese branch 🙂 This is where games like Harvest Moon and Reel Fishing are made.