Classic Titles Throwback Thursday

Natsume Championship Wrestling Has Arrived!

Joining the Switch Online SNES lineup is a classic from yesteryear. Originally launching in 1994, it broke the tradition of other games in the genre by having a wide array of moves and multiple difficulty levels.

Natsume Championship Wrestling wasn’t the first wrestling game to land on the Super Nintendo, but its a consistent fan fave to this day.

Join a roster of quirky characters as you play through exhibition matches or make a run for one of the two coveted championship belts, including a tag team mode!

But don’t be a slacker! These matches won’t last forever and it’s up to you to score the win before time runs out. Are you ready to take on the competition?

NATSUME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING is available to play right now for all Switch Online subscribers. Want to learn more about Switch Online and its benefits? Click here!