Legends of Ethernal Natsume Indies

Legends of Ethernal: Monster Profile

Coming home to discover his parents missing and his home destroyed, our unexpected hero must brave the wilds of Arkanys to find them. Searching high and low, this action-adventure title will bring Wilfred in contact with a myriad of living and dead creatures that inhabit his world!

Bats don’t just live in belfries – they’re a staple pest in your ongoing journey. They’re even featured in many places in Legend of Ethernal’s artwork, as seen above, and chasing poor Wilfred below.

Similar to bats, crows are a regular barrier to progress, and Wilfred’s farm was no doubt regularly harassed by these flying foes. They take on a new, more dangerous twist when he explores further out from his home than he’s ever gone before.

With multiple difficulty levels, gorgeous hand-drawn art, and beautiful, haunting music, LEGENDS OF ETHERNAL sets the scene for a compelling linear story with unique characters. Be sure to stay tuned for when we announce a release date for this Natsume Indies title, coming to PC/Mac, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.