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Cosmic Defenders Patch 1.0.2

Hello Earthlings! A new patch has arrived for our favourite elements of the universe, the Cosmic Defenders.

Changes include:

  • New Shield animations
  • New Win animations
  • Faster shot availability after digging or warping
  • Movement tweaks
  • Bug fixes to correct enemy behaviour in some levels
  • The occasional soundtrack / bonus track that didn’t play / unlock will now properly activate
  • Faster load times
  • D-pad movement added for all controller types
Solo developer Henry walks through Cosmic Defenders’ development and why be chose Natsume as a publisher.

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback about Cosmic Defenders! We hope these changes improve your enjoyment of the game. A full list of every change can be found on the Fiery Squirrel website.

COSMIC DEFENDERS is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch! Buy it today on the Switch eShop.

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