ConnecTank Natsume Indies

The ConnecTank Shipping Barons

It’s time for another check-in with our upcoming Natsume Indie title, ConnecTank! Combining together elements of a roguelike with delightfully tanky gameplay found in titles like Rocket Slime, which shipping baron you work for is up to you! (Though you can always change your mind and jump to one of the others!)


“Naturally, I am first to be revealed, because you already know me,” Mr. Fat Cat purred. “Of course, you will prefer my missions, because I give daily bathroom breaks. I am the most generous baron!”

You know him, he’s always butting in. A hypercapitalist, this fat cat wants to spread his good name far and wide! Whether that’s by building more factories for his “beloved” employees to work in or statues made in his image, Finneas has his paws in everything. If only he could keep track of that pesky yarn ball…


One word describes Lord Lewis: eccentric! Okay, and probably also tall.

For him, money is a means to culture, not just a means to an end. However, that passion for the arts still somehow involves building giant statues of himself…just like his competition. Will he build a modern arts museum that puts The Louvre to shame? That’s up to your driving skills, of course.


Leader of the Tundra Collective, the Emperor has only recently seized power in his snowy territory. Seize the means of production! For the glory of the Tundra! Get paid in cash, not exposure! Also, he really wants to build a statue of himself. What a strange coincidence?!


There’s actually an additional three shipping barons — each of which is the archrival of Finneas, Lewis, and Pontius. Working for any of their nemeses will weaken the power of the corresponding shipping baron.

Why would you want to do that? Excellent question! But we wouldn’t want to spoil everything today.

ConnecTank is a 1 to 4 player 2D action-adventure game developed by YummyYummyTummy, Inc and published by Natsume, Inc.

It combines exciting tank battles with puzzle solving. Deliver packages for one of three Barons seeking to become the top Tycoon of New Pangea. Through innovative tank battle mechanics utilizing both skill and teamwork, players fight rival tanks to improve their existing tank or, once enough parts are collected, use new ones!

Each mammoth sized tank comes with its own unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses, so choose wisely! With hundreds of missions, ever-changing powerups, and dozens of tanks to battle the possibilities are endless!

You’ll soon have the chance to prove your action puzzling skills when ConnecTank rumbles onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam this summer.