Harvest Moon One World

The Harvest Moon: One World Expando-Farm Buildings

We gave some initial info about the Expando-Farm last week, and this week we’re revealing even more about this amazing invention created by Doc Jr.

When you pack up your Expando-Farm and move to a new location, your house, barn, and chicken coop go into your pocket and will be ready again once you’ve expanded your farm in a new location!

Your barn will be home to numerous animals that create products, just like past Harvest Moon games. The barn will also house a variety of mounts, which will allow you to travel faster in certain regions!

Farmers visiting Salmiakki will want to invest in a reindeer, who fits perfectly the wintery terrain and is much faster than walking. While you’re visting this chilly town, be sure to also say hello to the eligible bachelor Sami, who has a lot on his mind as well as the eligible bachelorette Kirsi, whose logical exterior hides a warm center.

Just like in many other past Harvest Moon titles, you’ll be able to craft a variety of useful furniture for your home, as well as upgrade the size and capacity of your barn and coop!

Harvest Moon: One World launches on PS4 and Switch in North America March 2nd. Learn more about the pre-order bonuses you can get for One World right here -> Pre-Orders!

Harvest Moon: One World arrives on Nintendo Switch in Europe via Rising Star Games on March 5th, distributed by Nintendo of Europe.