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Limited Run Games Pre-Order FAQ

Got questions? We hopefully have the answers you’re looking for!

  • Who the heck is Limited Run Games?!
    Limited Run Games (often referred to as LRG) was founded in 2015 to create…well…limited runs of digital only titles and classic console reprints. They’re awesome.
  • So what am I buying?
    For retro reproductions: You’ll have four weeks to pre-order either a standard edition of a game, or a collector’s edition of a game. Each will come with a fully functioning retro cart, playable on either the original release system or compatible clone systems.
    For new games: You’ll have four weeks to pre-order a collector’s edition bundle. Each will come with a game on the system of your choice, and any accompanying goodies.
  • Do I get it right away?
    As this is a pre-order, you’re buying for something in advance.

    For retro reproductions: Once pre-orders close, LRG orders enough carts and goodies, then assembles and ships them out to customers. Expect to receive your order about six months after the pre-order period ends.

    For new titles: Once pre-orders close, LRG waits for the games to arrive, then assembles and ships them out to customers. We strive to have these arrive as close to launch date as possible.
  • Where does Limited Run Games ship to?
    LRG ships internationally! Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the product, the number of items in your order, and your specific location. It is automatically calculated at checkout.
  • How many copies will be printed?
    LRG only prints enough to cover how many are ordered, you can’t wait until they’re produced to get one. Buy when pre-orders open or miss out!
  • I have a question you didn’t answer!
    You can read the full LRG FAQ here –> Click me!
    You can see the full LRG buying guide here –> Click me!
    You can reach out to LRG for additional support here –> I am a link!