Harvest Moon One World

Harvest Moon: One World Character Customization

We’ve hinted at this in other screenshot teases, and many sharp-eyed fans figured it out, but we’re happy to confirm character customization in Harvest Moon: One World!

We have heard your feedback! Whether you want to play as a boy or a girl, you’ll be able to choose your hair color, eye tint, and skin tone.

Those sleuthing about for more clues have also seen the new Harvest Sprites! We’ve now revealed three — have you seen them all? They lead a merry band of Harvest Wisps, who we’ve previously discuss when the game’s released date was announced (Click here for more info!)

We’ve also been teasing a very important aspect of your farm…including in the screenshot above! Have you figured out the secret yet? Be sure to keep watching our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the details in the near future.