Welcome to the Natsume Inc Indies Program!

Making a game and interested in having Natsume publish your title? Awesome!


  1. An overview of your game
    *What makes your game tick?
    *How does progression work? This can be combat in any form or a non-combat system
    *What engine is the game created in (off the shelf or custom made)?
    *What genre is your title? Is there a current game you’d compare it to?
  2. An overview of your team
    *How many people are working on the title?
    *Has any part of the game been outsourced or contracted?
    *Is this a first title, or do you have past created/available/published games?
  3. Timeline
    *How close is your project to being playable? How close it is to being completed?
    *What is your plan or your team’s plan to complete the game? Is there a release date target in mind?
    *What platforms will the game release on?
  4. Preferred Assets
    *Game Logo (required)
    *Screenshots (required)
    *Trailer / Movie (optional, but helpful)
    *Playable Demo (optional, but helpful)


We’re excited to hear from you and learn more about you, your team and project! Email us with the above materials and we’ll be happy to take a look.